The Ultimate Tips for Accessorizing with Gold Chains

14K Gold Wire Sculpted Gemstone Jewelry

14K Gold Wire Sculpted Gemstone Jewelry with Black Cocktail Dress

Gold has made a major comeback in the form of trendy updated jewelry designs. Until now, you may have stuck with solid silver pieces or popular beaded necklaces. Gold is a highly versatile metal that can give your ensemble a modern, classy look. Before you skip the gold jewelry, consider all of the amazing ways that gold can be accessorized. Gold chains are one of the best ways to accessorize any outfit, casual or formal. If you’re up to mixing some gold pieces into your current jewelry collection, consider using these ultimate tips for accessorizing with gold chains.

Wear with Black

Gold chains stand out against black attire more than any other hue (see image at left). If you have a trendy black silk top, black trousers, or a fitting black blazer, try it with a feminine gold chain. This is the one of the best ways to add glamour to a neutral outfit. While black is the ideal color to wear with gold jewelry, nearly any neutral color pairs well with gold chains. Try a sweeping grey wrap dress or a pair of tailored purple shorts and tank top.

Mix and Match

It was once a general rule of thumb to never mix your gold and silver jewelry. Modern jewelry can and should be mixed and matched. Experiment with various metals, mixing yellow gold necklaces with white gold or rose gold. Layering various types of metals is the best way to add eye-catching texture to your ensemble. Try various lengths of gold chain necklaces against a neutral background, paired with yellow gold earrings.

Hammered 14K Gold Chain Necklace

Hammered 14K Gold Chain Necklace

Embrace the Gold

Fashionistas are not afraid to go gold, even from head to toe. Gold can be incorporated into your jewelry, your shoes, and even your makeup. This brilliant shade has a trendy metallic feel that will make you feel like a princess everyday. To tone down your gold just a bit, mix small pieces of gold jewelry with one or two larger focal pieces. For example, wear a thin gold necklace and slim gold band on your finger with a chunky, wide gold-ornate cuff that will act as the focal point of your ensemble.

Wear Other Materials

Gold is great, but it can look even better when paired with other favorable materials. A favorite to wear with gold is black leather. Leather leggings can look superior when paired with yellow or white gold necklaces or chains, as well as several braided leather bracelets on the wrist. Trendsetters can also try gold chains in addition to a fashionable leather headband. The options for using gold are limitless.

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