Stylish and Light-as-a-Feather Aluminum Earrings

Looking for a metal that is not your ordinary gold or silver variety? Aluminum has become the ideal choice of lightweight metal used in jewelry making. Its unique luster and wide assortment of styles make this metal a chic choice for jewelry, especially in the form of earrings. Aluminum earrings give any outfit a statement-making piece of art that adds texture and color without overwhelming a modest wardrobe choice. Many jewelry designers are incorporating the newest trends into their aluminum jewelry, such as anodizing and color blocking, making it a must-try adornment. Looking to add more flair to your modern wardrobe? Look towards aluminum earrings for a great start.

Styles of Aluminum Earrings

Light Weight Green Anodized Aluminum Lily Pad Earrings

Light Weight Green Anodized Aluminum Lily Pad Earrings

Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings are an essential in every woman’s wardrobe. These can be found in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including squares, triangles, and diamond-shaped hoops. Aluminum hoop earrings are a great addition to one’s jewelry collection.

Three-Tiered Earrings: Three-tiered earrings are a type of dangling earring that has layers of color and texture. Those made from light-weight aluminum make them easy to wear and pair with a wide assortment of outfits.

Hypoallergenic Hammered Aluminum Tear Drop Earrings

Hypoallergenic Hammered Aluminum Tear Drop Earrings

Lily Pad Earrings: Lily pad earrings show off a unique technique that appears similar to that of a real lily pad. These earrings come in many colors, adding versatility and fun to any outfit.

Sand Dollar Disc Earrings: Sand dollar disc earrings are a type of round earring that is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. They are often seen textured, such as with a hammering effect.

Wire Wrapped Earrings: Wire-wrapped earrings are unusually beautiful, featuring a metal frame with aluminum thread wrapped in an intricate design. They are often embellished with beads or gems to add a hint of color.

Tear Drop Earrings: Tear drop earrings are those handcrafted into the shape of a tear drop. These can be solid metal or form into a hoop. Tear drop earrings are great for evening wear, as they feature a fashionable, highly polished surface.

Oval Earrings: Oval earrings are a classic design that looks incredible with any wardrobe choice. They are often textured via hammering or engraving to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Wearing Aluminum Earrings

Super Lightweight Wire Wrapped Aluminum Earrings with Tiny Peridot Gems

Super Lightweight Wire Wrapped Aluminum Earrings with Tiny Peridot Gems

Many jewelry designers use the process of aluminum anodizing that allows the jewelry to be easily dyed. Anodizing produces a porous surface in which dye is easily accepted. The spectrum of color that this process is able to create is nearly endless. The process of anodizing aluminum jewelry has become highly popular in the color blocking trend. Jewelry designers are able to transform plain aluminum jewelry into a wide range of bold colors.

Many men and women are turning towards aluminum as their metal of choice. It has a host of benefits that makes it a favorable choice for earrings. Not only are they ultra-fashionable and fun, but aluminum earrings also have many other benefits. They are lightweight, versatile, can be textured and anodized, and fit into many of today’s most popular trends. Aluminum earrings are a must-try style that continues to impress.

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